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Heather Gollihur, Owner/ Floor & Home Consultant

As a mom to five boys and two girls and over 20 years experience in floor coverings, I know the value of getting a family, no matter what size, into the right flooring products!

As a local family business, I live and work in the same community that we all call home. Your choices are important to me. Come visit me to get real answers and solutions to creating a space you will love for years to come!


Bill Gollihur, Owner/ Floor & Home Consultant

Industry specialist for over 20 years. Come see me for all your flooring needs.




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Tiffany McGovern, Certified Flooring and Design Specialist

I was born and raised in Champaign county! I am married to the love of my life and we have two dogs who are basically our children. My parents, Bill and Heather are the owners and have taught me everything I know. Dad used to take me into customers' home and teach me how the installation process worked. When I was 12 I started following Mom around with a clip board taking notes of how the business worked. I’ve always had a drive to learn new things and to reach my goals while helping others do the same. I love helping my clients make their vision a reality and getting to see a job well done.


Randee Kidwell, Flooring and Design Specialist

My Parents Bill and Heather Gollihur are the owners. I have been working in the family business from a young age and have always loved helping my clients with their flooring needs. I am married and I have a beautiful daughter, Ember who keeps me on my toes! I love being able to work with my family and create beautiful spaces for families just like mine!



Janie Vericker, Floor & Home Consultant
Janie Vericker, Floor & Home Consultant
Janie Vericker, Floor & Home Consultant
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James McGovern, Installation Specialist

I am married and have two dogs! I married into this family of flooring experts! Since meeting my Wife, Tiffany I have learned so much about this industry and I love being able to create peoples dreams with my team. In my spare time (does that exist) I enjoy hiking, camping and kayaking with my wife and friends